7.00-15 700-15 7.50-15 7.00R15 7.50R15 Tire Inner Tube Forklifts Low Platform Trailer Bias / Radial


  • $ 2897

Designed for all types of forklift, industrial  and material handling applications. 

DUAL SIZE HEAVY DUTY  7.00-15, 7.50-15, 7.00R15 7.50R15

Tire Tube Low Platform Trailer/Forklift Tire Inner Tube

Metal TR75 Stem 

May be used in both Bias and Radial Applications....

Not for Use on Farm off Road Vehicles

This tube can be used in the following tire sizes:
7.00x15  700x15  7.00-15 700-15 70015

7.00R15  700R15  7.00R15  700R15 700-15 

7.50x15  705x15  7.50-15 750-15 75015

7.50R15  750R15  7.50R15  750R15 750-15

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