24x12.00-12 Deestone Commercial Turf D838 LRC Tubeless Zero Turn Lawn Mower Turf Tires (SET OF 2)


  • $ 18997

  • SET OF 2
  •  Deestone Commercial Turf 6 Ply Rated  Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Tire 24x12.00-12

    • These are new 24X12.00-12 Deestone D838 turf tires, the tread design is very similar to the Carlisle Turf Master. These are 6 ply rated tubeless tires rated for 2270 lbs per tire at 32 psi. 
    • Search  24x12.00-12 24x12.00x12 24x1200-12 24x1200x12 241212 24120012
    • Riding Lawn Mower  Lawnmower  Garden Tractor Zero Turn 
    • This item does not ship to Alaska / Hawaii / US Possessions or Territories 

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