20x10-8 Carlisle Super Lug Tubeless Lawn Garden Tractor Lug / Turf Tires (SET OF 2)


  • $ 20997


New 20x10-8 Carlisle Brand Tubeless Lug Tires

Lawn and Garden Applications

Super Lug tires from Carlisle feature a rugged and durable design that gains traction in most terrains while also leading to longer tire life. Deep lug patterns dig into soil and provide extra grip even in loose or wet soil. Heavy duty compound construction materials resist damage from punctures and chipping while the wide spaced lug design prevents the build up of debris and mud that can affect performance.

  • 4  ply tubeless tire

This item does not ship to Alaska / Hawaii / US Possessions or Territories 

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Lawn and Garden Lawn Mower Tractor Turf Mower Tractor

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