GR16 Firestone Multi Size Tire Inner Tube for Radial Passenger / Lt Truck / SUV with TR13 Rubber Valve Stem


  • $ 2497

GR16 Firestone Radial Passenger / Lt  Truck   SUV  Tire Inner Tubes  TR13 rubber valve

This size fits many of the 16" rim sizes

For use in radial or bias tire applications

For  passenger  cars  light trucks  suv  trailers and utility vehicles.

Multi size tube fits many 16" sizes such as 

175/80-16 175/80R16 185/70R17 205/55R16 185/65R17 215/60R16 205/60r17 215/60r17

550R16  550-16 55016 600R16 600-16 60016 650R16 650-16 65016




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